kawhia kai festival maori festival

Kawhia Traditional Maori Kai Festival

The Kawhia traditional Maori kai festival is Kawhia's biggest day. A genuine taste experience of Traditional Maori Kai from the sea and the land...Thousands of visitors flock to Kawhia every year for the annual food festival on Waitangi weekend in early february.

The next Kawhia Traditional Maori kai (food) festival will be on Saturday Feb 7th, 2015.

Its an awesome day, full of cultural activities and a huge tasty array of delicious, mouth-watering, traditional and modern Maori kai.

The band keeps the large crowds entertained, while the stall-holders cook up a storm in their undercover shelters. Occasionally Maori kapa-haka groups gather on stage to give an arousing performance, that pulls the mass of visitors from the food stalls and sends a shiver of excitement through the audience.

Multitudes of kids throng to the wharf and beach a few metre's away to cool off in the tide and a harbour, while a cruise vessel journeys up and down the harbour, taking people on history cruises.

For many Tainui people, the Kawhia kai festival has become a day for renewing ties with whanau & friends, while re-connecting with their spiritual homeland.

For others, it's an opportunity to participate in a friendly Maori experience.

A lot of praise has to be directed towards the organisers who do an enormous job in managing the annual events....Bring on the Maori festival!!!

And check this out. A video taken on the day of the Kawhia Traditional Maori kai festival.

Naumai Haere mai ki Kawhia Moana

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